Advantages of Ipe Decking Lumber


Ipe decking lumber is the most commonly used lumber in construction of Ipe decking. With a variety of species, types and cuts, Ipe decking lumber can be purchased to match your own preferences.

Ipe decking can be manufactured using different species of Ipe. The tree species, including whether it grows in humid or dry conditions, as well as its color, can have a big impact on how the wood looks. Having a wooden item that matches your home’s natural characteristics can add life and warmth to the exterior.

Ipe lumber can be produced from Ipe species found throughout tropical regions around the world. These tropical regions include: China, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Europe, South America, Russia, Japan, and many other countries in between. While all of these species of Ipe lumber will produce beautiful wood, some species can be more easily distinguished from one another. The differences in species make for finer looking lumber, as well as greater durability.

For example, there are species of Ipe that grow in wetter climates, and there are species that grow in drier climates. This allows you to purchase lumber that is more resistant to moisture, as well as sun, termites, insects, and rot.

One of the best aspects of Ipe lumber is that you can find varieties in various colors. There are many different colors available and with them, you can create patterns, patterned Ipe decks, as well as different combinations of color tones. While all species of buy ipe wood look great, there are specific colors of Ipe decking lumber that look much better than others.

Flooring: Ipe Deck Repair Using Ipe Decking Plus Wood Furniture

Some species of Ipe lumber are native to different parts of the world, while others were brought by explorers who had explored the local areas. The colors of the species have been known to change due to the environment. Whether this is due to color of the bark or through exposure to different environments, the colors are normally what you are looking for when selecting Ipe decking lumber.

Since there are so many different species of Ipe, it is easy to purchase lumber from different regions that grow under similar conditions. For example, when purchasing from Asia, you can choose to purchase lumber that grows in moist climates, while wood grown in drought-stricken areas is usually considered a lower quality lumber. Purchasing a lower quality material may be what you need for a deck in a specific location, but it might not be adequate for a patio in a different region. This is where it is useful to have a tool like the “Ipe Weather Report” on the internet.

By going to a website that can provide you with the “Ipe Weather Report,” you can see what types of conditions your Ipe wood will be subjected to in a given location. You will also find out if it is affected by insects, termites, rot, and other environmental factors that can degrade your wood. This information will help you understand how you should prepare your deck for the environment in which it will be placed.