Choosing the Best Rug Weaving & Repair Service Provider


Rug weaving and repair can be confusing especially if you aren’t sure what type of damage has been done to a rug or what to expect from a repair service. Find out how to identify the most common types of damage and locate quality Oriental rug repair providers.

1. Dry Rot Damage. Dry rot is one of the more common forms of damage that may require the services of a professional rug weaving and repair service. Dry rot often resembles a worn area that looks very faded or thread-bare. Depending upon the extent of the damage, the rug may require minimal attention to stop dry rot or could be a total loss. Always obtain a written estimate prior to agreeing to have the repair performed to avoid unpleasant surprises.

2. Water Damage. Water damage can leave fine rugs looking dull and lifeless as well as smelling bad. Depending upon the extent of the water damage repairs may be extensive but are often good investments with stunning results.

3. Holes & Tears. Older rugs may have holes, tears, rips or other structural damage that requires the expertise of a professional rug weaving expert. Never trust a fine rug to anyone other than a recognized master weaver; it takes years to obtain the necessary experience to recognize the proper method and construction required to properly match a structural repair.

4. Missing Fringe. This common complaint is an unnecessary annoyance that is easily repaired by a knowledgeable professional. Experts will be able to match fringe from old rugs of the same color, consistency and period to restore the rug back to its original beauty.

5. Moth or Insect Damage. Insects are another common problem that results in structural damage to the rug which requires professional weaving or repair services to correct.

6. Stains and Spills. Stains and spills require careful cleaning to assure the delicate fibers are not damaged. Ask about having your oriental rug cleaned and repaired at the same time.

7. Color Correction. Unfortunately, many people call themselves an expert who really has no experience dealing with fine rugs; one of the most common complaints about Pasadena rug repair carpet cleaning is color bleeding due to an improper wash. Color correction is possible but should be performed by an expert who is able to identify the exact color used.

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