How to Keep Beer Cold in a Party

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There are several radical concepts for maintaining your beer cold at the party. But, world of beer work and they’ll make you the hero if you utilize them while you’re with warm beer. But, let’s cover the regular methods first.


If you have warm beer, input it within the freezer for some minutes. Ten, twenty, even thirty will be fine. Like that it cools quicker and you may enjoy your beer faster. But, don’t let it sit inside a long time. Beer could become ice quicker than you can think of.

I know of beer bust through the the surface of a can or possibly a beer bottle. It freezes over and drips on the sides of the car or bottle. That will make a mess. So, punch yourself if you happen to do that.

A good thing to perform though is always to rotate all your warm beer over the freezer while you drink them. If you make a beer run to your friends and grab three to four beers, put three to four beers in the freezer for an additional round. It works like no bodies business.


Needless to say, in case you are outside a cooler comes in handy. Actually, it may keep beer colder than a freezer without freezing. Now, you could wonder how that’s possible. But, it really is. A cooler will get your beer to around 32 degrees. But, it keeps it there. This doesn’t happen keep freezing until it’s frozen.


Needless to say, a koozie will keep your beer cold while you are drinking it. It’s really a mini cooler, in a hand. They can not be overrated. Your last drink of beer with a hot day is a cold one when you have a koozie wrapped around your beer can or bottle.

Aluminum Foil

Here’s where starting to travel off of the grid. Without a koozie, aluminum foil works as a great alternative. Just wrap your beer in a few aluminum foil and it will stay cold prior to the last drop. Try to be careful and un-wrap your beer cautiously. Use the same foil when you use a beer.

Fire Extinguisher

It becomes an odd idea, but I have seen it work. As soon as your beer is warm and also you want to help it become cold quick, make use of a fire extinguisher. Construct your beer from the yard or around the sidewalk and spray it with the fire extinguisher. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you pick your beer cans or bottles up and feel how cold they may be.

It is good to always have cold beer readily available. But, we all know for just one reason or another it is not always possible. A store gets busy and doesn’t have your flavor stocked from the cooler. There isn’t enough room within the refrigerator. You stored your beer for that party in the spare room. So, it is not always possible. However when you find yourself with warm beer, it might continually be made cold quickly. Enjoy, be safe and drink responsibly!