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Do greens help with bloating?

Jun 15th 2022

Do greens help with bloating?

The sad reality about bloating is that it makes people feel uneasy and can often lose confidence in themselves. Many people suffer from bloating by simply eating the wrong food and finding out that after eating meals their jeans fit a little tighter. Some of the most common reasons you get a bloated stomach are excess intestinal gas, or as simple as eating too much too fast, or you could have a food intolerance or other condition that causes gas and digestive contents to build up. Worse case, it may be a digestive issue.1

Good thing, there are healthy ways you can alleviate bloating mainly through your diet —- by consuming anti-inflammatory foods, the right amount of fiber, and increasing the health of the gut with the likes of probiotics and these can be simply found in super greens!

Let’s know more about super greens! Read on.

Veggies — Key to Healthy Lifestyle

Veggies are rich in several nutrients that support vital body functions. These include vitamins A, C, and K, as well as minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and iron. They also contain high amounts of fiber, antioxidants, and other beneficial bioactive plant compounds known as phytonutrients. They are a vital part of a healthy diet.

Micronutrients and phytonutrients that are found in super greens help the gut in many ways. Such benefits include maintaining digestive health and strengthening the gut microbiome. A few major nutrients and plant chemicals in super greens you should know about for gut health include fiber, vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.

Fiber augments and feeds beneficial gut bacteria. Vitamins and minerals are important in keeping digestive processes efficient and maintaining the balanced health of the gut and microbiome. Phytonutrients are natural plant chemicals that provide anti-inflammatory effects, along with other unique benefits to the gut. Many vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients in super greens double as antioxidants, helping to protect against gut damage caused by stress and inflammation.2

Veggies Hacks for Easy Consumption!

You may be wondering what super greens really are! To make it simple, greens like algae and grasses are nutrient-dense superfoods. These super greens mainly uphold immunity, digestion, energy level, and skin health.

Hence, we all know that these super greens typically have a bitter taste. In this way, pHresh Products has made a great solution — pHresh greens® raw alkalizing superfood and pHresh Greens Gummies — for you to easily get the daily recommended serving of vegetables without any worries!

pHresh greens® raw alkalizing superfood and pHresh Greens Gummies both contain a blend of 16 raw organic greens. These organic greens are raw vegetables, cereal grasses, and algae that were carefully selected for their highly alkalizing properties.

The difference is just when you choose pHresh greens® raw alkalizing superfood you can add this to your favorite smoothies, beverages, or even to your most-loved recipes! You can be more creative with our superfood greens powder! As for pHresh Greens Gummies, this is the best option for your super-packed schedule. If you don’t have enough time to prepare your meal. Well, these gummies must be your buddy! Not only that, but this is also great for picky-eater who can’t stand the taste of greens! Our gummies taste absolutely delicious. The taste is like a sweet ripe watermelon on a beautiful summer day. Isn’t it amazing? Whichever you choose, both of our super greens (powder and gummies) offer amazing health benefits and surely help you with your digestive issues!

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