Intex Prism Frame Pool

Intex Prism Frame Rectangular Pool

There are only 2 rectangular pools in this series — well one is a square and the other one is square. The square pool retains about 4,600 gallons of water and has a surface area of approximately 196 square feet along with the rectangular one is a bit smaller are 128 square feet and retains approximately 2,873 gallons of water. The square pool is significantly more cost effective compared to rectangular pool.

Intex 14′ x 42? Prism XL Frame Square Pool Set

This one really is a square-shaped above ground pool from Intex. The square shape gives it 25% more swimming area compared to rectangular above ground pools. If you add pool deck, then a rectangular pool will look an in-ground pool.

It is 14 feet wide with 42-inch height. Includes ladder, ground cloth, and debris cover. The ground cloth will keep the outer surface protected from dirt along with the debris cover may shield the inner area from dirt and debris when not in use.

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The materials used for building are all top quality; the liners are produced with puncture-resistant, 3-ply substance, which makes it very durable. The Intex Prism Frame Pool has powder-coated steel tubing on the outside. Comes with cartridge pump that integrates Hydro Aeration Technology. This may enhance the standard of circulation and filtration, enhance water clarity and raise the amount of negative ions in the water .