Oil Mist Collector


An oil mist collector is a device that is used in industrial settings to reduce employee hazards and improve worker health. Oil and coolant fumes are harmful to workers, especially those with sensitive skin. These fumes can cause nausea, eye irritation, and vomiting. Exposure to oil and coolant fumes can also increase the risk of cancer. If you have employees who work in a manufacturing or machining environment, it is critical to have an oil mist collector.

Mist collectors come in a variety of models. Each model has unique characteristics that you should consider when choosing one. Hydraulic oil coolers For instance, a cartridge mist collector requires simple maintenance, has a low footprint, and is highly efficient. A multi-stage oil mist collector includes a number of different elements to achieve the desired air quality.

Cartridge mist collectors have an extensive filter lifespan. This means that you do not need to replace your filters frequently. The filters are also small in size, making them convenient to install. However, this means that you have to keep your unit clean. Some models require a hood, so you will need to determine a hood size that is appropriate for your application.

Filtermist collector units remove oil mist and steam from industrial processes. They have been installed in thousands of manufacturing operations. Their products have been found to be extremely effective and are available in over 60 countries worldwide. Technical support is available on an international basis.

Multi-stage oil mist collectors use a three-stage mechanical system to separate the oil mist from the air stream. Each stage is designed to provide a specific filtration efficiency. The first stage is made from a stainless steel mesh. It is able to filter out up to 95% of the oil mist.

The second stage uses a resin fiber that is able to catch the remaining oil mist. In the final stage, the unit has a dedicated filter that can be used to filter a large volume of oil mist. Depending on your application, you may need to upgrade to a HEPA filter or DOP/HEPA filter.

Filtermist’s collectors can be installed on existing machines or hung on the outside of a machine. This allows them to filter the coolant, steam, and other types of oils in a wide range of applications. Moreover, these collectors are quiet and require minimal maintenance.

Mist collectors are an essential component of a CNC shop. The filtered air can be vented back into the workroom. Also, they can drain collected coolant back into the machinery. Uncollected coolant can lead to safety risks, slippery shop floors, and other problems.

Nederman offers a range of filters for wet and semi-dry applications. Most of these filters are polyester-based. Fiberglass provides moderate drainage properties and a high collection efficiency rate. Another feature that is useful for this type of application is indexing fabric.

Aeroex offers an oil mist separator that is easy to install, and provides reliable separation of oil mist. You can choose from four sizes to match your needs.