Rule a Wife and Have a Wife


Rule a Wife and Have a Wife is a late Jacobean stage comedy by John Fletcher. First performed in 1624, this play was later published in 1640. It tells the story of two couples and their various marital problems. In the play, the husbands take their wives to work and find that they are miserable and unsatisfied.

The word “wife” has a Germanic origin. It comes from the Proto-Germanic *webcam, and its Middle and Old English forms have the form wif. 巨乳 The German word is closely related to the Danish word “viv,” which means “woman.” The original meaning of the phrase has little to do with marriage. In English, the word remains in words such as “midwife,” ” good wife,” and ‘fishwife.”

Wives are the most important members of a couple. They should be supportive, compassionate, and willing to support you even on your worst days. Their spouses are the most important members of a relationship. A wife is a person whom a husband loves unconditionally and starts a new life with him. And a wife is a woman who shares everything with her husband, and she takes care of his needs, including his education and health.

The word “wife” is of Germanic origin. It is derived from the Proto-Germanic *webcam, which means “woman.” The English word wif is derived from the Danish “viv,” which means “woman.” This original meaning is still preserved in words like midwife, ‘fishwife,’ and midwife.’ Nonetheless, marriage and wives are still separate entities in our language.

As a husband, your wife is your spouse. In marriage, you and your wife should share everything. The wife should be able to take care of you in every way. She should also be able to protect you. She must be willing to do the same for her husband. She must be able to support her husband and children. In addition, she must be capable of taking care of her family. If a woman does not love her husband, he cannot love him.

A wife is a woman who is married to a man. She is someone who makes the decisions for her husband. In marriage, the husband and wife are one. The husband and wife should be equally committed to the marriage. Marriage is not a simple union. The wife and husband should be able to co-exist. The woman should be a source of happiness for her husband. In addition to that, she must be happy with her job.

A wife is a woman who is married to her husband. She shares all the decisions and responsibilities of the marriage with her husband. As a result, a wife is a woman who will do everything for her husband. She is the person a man can depend on in the most challenging times. She is the key to a successful marriage. A good wife will provide for all her husband and family’s emotional and material needs.

A wife is a woman who makes decisions for her husband. A wife is a woman who is married to a man. She will be your wife’s best friend. She is the one who will take care of her children and your husband. She is the one who will take care of her husband. She will make sure that you have the most enjoyable life possible. And she will be the one to make decisions for your family.

A wife is a woman’s most crucial position in marriage. She is also expected not to engage in sexual relations with other men. A wife is an essential part of a marriage. The rights of a wife will differ between different cultures. It is considered a sign of respect for the man. If you are interested in having a wife, this is a good sign! You’ll have a spouse who loves you.

As a woman, you will have a wife. It is your right as her husband. If you are a man, you should try to make a good impression on your wife. If you’re not happy, a woman will judge you by your looks and be attracted to you. So, having a wife will make you feel better about yourself. The wife will be the inspiration for your life. But it will also be an excellent way to make your husband happy.