See the Local Cardiologist in Magnolia

There is just one Magnolia cardiology clinic that you should make it your business to visitand that is Houston Heart Center. We offer affordable, reliable heart and cardiovascular care for patients of different ages, sexes and health statuses. Our qualified staff of cardiologists are equipped to diagnose the condition of your own heart and cardiovascular system and can supply, if needed, the right treatment to reduce, or even eliminate, painful and discomforting symptoms. As part of our assessment procedures, we use a noninvasive cardiac PET scanner that is intended to detect coronary heart disease. This innovative technologies is an important instrument for the prevention of certain kinds of cardiovascular disease and is just one of the many tools at our disposal in handling symptoms before they start.

What We Offer

From boosting good heart Health to providing most effective diagnostics and remedies available to cardiology patients now. Northwest Houston Heart Center is ready to lead you through intricacies of any cardiovascular disease.

Our dynamic team integrates the abilities of the finest award winning cardiologists with academic health center experience and highly trained personnel equipped with latest diagnostic equipment to supply you with the very advanced Cardiac Care in place.

Northwest Houston Heart Center is one of three centers in Houston region equipped with state of the art committed Cardiac PET scanner for precise and early diagnosis of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).
The Gold Standard

Cardiac PET Scan is emerging as the gold standard and most dependable non invasive cardiac evaluation in diagnosing Coronary Heart Disease. Clinic studies have proven that Cardiac PET Scan is more precise than other tests like electrocardiogram (ECG) pressure testing, single picture emission computer tomography (SPECT or traditional nuclear stress testing) in Assessing Coronary Heart Disease. Early detection of Coronary Heart Disease is vital as the early treatment of CHD can stop Heart attacks. Addition of Cardiac PET Scanner gives our doctors ability to give our patients the maximum quality of care in the invasive diagnosis of CHD. Northwest Houston Heart Center cardiac PET laboratory is accredited by the high standards of Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Nuclear medicine Laboratories (ICANL) and also our echocardiography laboratory is accredited by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiography Laboratories (ICAEL).

Why Choose Us

Magnolia Cardiologist are doing complex coronary, lower extremity and carotid interventions percutaneously or endovascularly using balloons, stents and innovative laser therapies. Where indicated, these minimally invasive procedures may obviate the need for broader surgical procedures and minimize the individual stay in the clinic and lead to quick recovery compare to open surgical procedures. Our doctors are also very well trained at the positioning and follow up care of cardiac pacemakers. We put a great emphasis on early identification of cardiovascular risk factors and preventative cardiovascular health and teaching our patients at heart healthy living, we think best results can only be achieved when patients are well informed about their health conditions and physicians and patients function as a group, we take a fantastic pride in the superb team we’ve assembled at Northwest Houston Heart Center.