What Can Separate a Remote Sales Professional From a Telemarketer?

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Even those of us who work in telephony software can find ourselves addicted to telemarketers. Maybe we’re even more annoyed with all the tactless approaches these sales folks use because we view how telesales should be accomplished. We are aware there are types of B2B Sales that fix many of the”issues” with distant selling by phone.

Telemarketing originated from the 1950’s, and from the 70’s telemarketing businesses were undergoing a tremendous amount of success. From the 1990’s telemarketing was often seen as a general nuisance, and by the close of the decade legislative action was taken with the implementation of this”Do Not Call” registry.

There are several explanations for why telemarketers dropped out of favor with the American people. These calls were often placed at the least opportune times, right around the time dinner was being served and the family was gathered together. Telesales professionals were frequently competitive and refused to honor their contacts wishes to not purchase what they were selling.

In addition to this is added the insult of the”telemarketer pause.” This takes place when the telesales company utilizes a predictive auto dialer. A predictive dialer calls more numbers than available sales representatives. It does this based on the amount of lost calls or busy signals it’s been encountering, in addition to how much time the sales agents are spending on a mean call. Since there is no guarantee that there won’t be calls answered than you will find revenue representatives to take those calls a percentage of calls activate a telemarketer pause. This is when there isn’t any agent on the line once the contact answers – the telephone is dead.

It is a chance that this type of call will be routed to a sales representative soon, but in such instances the person called is expected to remain online and wait patiently. Most frequently these contacts simply hang up the telephone. With practices like these it’s no wonder that we all find ourselves annoyed with those telemarketers.

Responsible remote sales professionals decide on a different kind of auto dialer – a Power Dialer. A power dialer just calls one number at a time for every available sales agent; there’s not any chance for a telemarketer pause to happen. This type of auto dialer not only satisfies the call center’s need to make more calls but also gives the potential customers being known as courtesy that a predictive auto dialer cannot.

It’s up to the sales folks to manage the problems of over aggressiveness internally.